About Mary Maxim

Mary Maxim is a family-owned business with an exclusive and extensive selection of the highest-quality yarns and craft projects at the most reasonable prices. Mary Maxim has been passionate about providing our customers with the joy of hand creation since our founding in the 1930s. Willard and Olive McPhedrain, our founders, began with the manufacturing of spinning wheels and yarn wools to bring their struggling community back to work. Their efforts invoked such inspiration that Mary Maxim became a full-fledged company specializing in yarn products, knitting patterns and other exclusive crafting designs from Canada to America.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3j9gNcr8oAToday, we're proud to continue the innovative, family-motivated tradition of our founders and provide a range of inspiring crafting products, patterns and designs to everyone who finds happiness in the crafting and sharing of creative projects — from knit and crochet creations like sweaters to other endeavors like plastic canvas kits, needlework and unique crafts for any occasion.What's so special about Mary Maxim? Not only do we travel the world to find stellar sources for the finest products at the best prices possible — we also provide creative inspiration and project support for every crafting, crocheting and knitting endeavor. Our exclusive products and designs are full of possibility and family-fueled warmth you can bring to your own home. Visit Mary Maxim's Store