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27 products

Buy Adorable Baby Apparel Kits and Clothing Patterns

What could be cuter than an infant wearing a handcrafted knit or crocheted outfit? With a little help from Mary Maxim's baby apparel kits, you can create baby clothing for a little one with no fuss.

Each of our baby clothing kits offers a new chance to crochet or knit something special for someone sweet. Look through our carefully curated online catalog and pick from dozens of outfit options. Have your choices delivered conveniently to your door and get started right away!

Baby Apparel Clothing Kits Simplify Knitting and Crocheting

Have you had a desire to knit or crochet clothing for an infant? You never have to look far to find exactly what you need. Just put your trust in Mary Maxim, the company that has helped hobbyists and professionals for more than 60 years.

Although each baby clothing kit is unique, everyone offers at least one of the following items:

  • Yarn: Stop worrying about buying the appropriate number of yarn skeins. When you purchase an affordable baby apparel kit, you get all the yarn you need to complete the advertised project. Talk about easy!
  • Accessories: If the baby outfit kit you choose has special accessory requirements, you can expect them to come standard as part of the kit. No sifting through buttons to find the perfect match — your apparel kit has them ready to go.
  • Instructions: Following directions has never been simpler than it is with knit and crochet baby clothing kits. Each set of instructions includes diagrams and descriptions to help you follow along effortlessly. Even long-time crocheters and knitters appreciate having everything at their fingertips.

How to Choose the Right Type of Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles

After you pick the knit or crochet baby apparel kits that appeal to you, look carefully at the "More Information" tab. There, you'll find everything you need to know about the type of crochet hook or knitting needle required to complete your project.

Mary Maxim offers a variety of hooks and needles suited for all the knit baby apparel kits we offer. If you do not currently own the type of crochet hook or knitting needle for your kit, order affordable, dependable, high-quality ones when you buy your baby clothing kit. That way, you can start working immediately when you receive your kit from us.

Helpful Tips and Ideas for Baby Clothing Patterns and Kits

Want to ensure your next baby apparel project turns out great? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Before starting, read all baby apparel kit instructions and make sure you have materials handy. This includes the correct hooks and needles, as well as accessories and add-ons such as polyfill.
  • Take pictures of the yarn for future use. After all, if you like the finished project, you can create the same outfit again using new yarn in a different color.
  • Always use the recommended hooks and needles. Otherwise, your finished product may look much different than the shown image.

Of course, more than anything else, have a great time creating a one-of-a-kind outfit or article for the baby in your life!