2018 Mary Maxim Knit or Crochet Contest

2018 Mary Maxim Knit or Crochet Contest

It’s that time of year again when we announce the 2018 Mary Maxim Knit or Crochet Contest! This much-awaited contest has been a tradition at Mary Maxim for over a decade. Last year we received just over 80 entries to our annual contest and were blown away by the quality of the designs.  We are excited to see what emerging designers produce in 2018. Click this link to go to the official contest page. Our annual design contest is organized into 4 categories: Hand Knit Afghan, Crochet Afghan, Baby Blanket (knit or crochet) and Accessories (knit or crochet). All categories will be judged separately and each category will award a 1st place winner receiving a $500 cash prize.  A $450 2nd place and $350 third place prize may be awarded depending on category and entries.  Honorable mention cash prizes may also be awarded.  All first place winners have the chance to be selected as our Grand Prize winner and receive an additional $1,500 cash prize.

1st place prize $500 cash 2nd place prize $450* 3rd place prize $350*

(*2nd and 3rd place prizes are not always awarded in every category and depends on category and entries)

1 Grand Prize $1,500

(1 prize awarded)

All first and second place entries and pattern instructions will become the sole property of Mary Maxim Inc. Mary Maxim will hold all copyrights and distribution rights of the same winning pattern. Projects that are awarded 3rd place or honorable mention will be returned after we have completed final patterns and photography. These entries might also appear in our December 2018 publication or later with the designer's name acredited. All entries must be original designs and will be judged based on

Aesthetics (use of color, appearance, materials used) Craftsmanship (quality of workmanship, finishing, cleanliness) Originality (uniqueness of design, use of stitches)

Entry Requirements

For your original work to be considered you must follow these guidelines All work must be an original design- As designers we get inspiration from everywhere, however, taking patterns or designs directly from other sources will immediately disqualify your entry. Your entries must be significantly different from any other published work. This includes design elements that infringe on copyrights such as trademarked characters or designs in another format like an album or book cover. All entries must be worked from our Mary Maxim yarn or our sponsor's yarn. We are very grateful to our sponsors for participating in our annual design contest.  THANK YOU Bernat, Patons, Caron, Coats & Clark, Lion Brand, and Premier for your participation. The winner of our contest will have their design and pattern featured in our December 2018 Catalog. Therefore, the yarns used in your entry must be currently available (not a discontinued color or yarn type). Please refer to our website www.marymaxim.com as a reference for the yarns that we carry. All entries must be received by us in a clean and photo-ready condition. The winners of the 2018 Design contest will be featured in our December 2018 Catalog so they absolutely must be clean and finished pieces ready to be photographed. Each piece of work is judged on craftsmanship and cleanliness is a huge factor. All entries in the afghan or blanket category must approximate our standard sizes. Full size afghans must be approximately 48” x 60” in size or as close as possible, and baby blankets must be approximately 32” x 42” in size or as close as possible. We realize your finished piece may be slightly bigger or smaller to accommodate your unique design. All entries must have an entry tag attached.  Use a 4” x 4” piece of paper attached (pinned) to the lower-right hand corner of your project and clearly lists the following information:

Name Complete mailing address Email address Phone number Name of your design Category entered (Hand Knit Afghan, Crochet Afghan, Baby Blanket (knit or crochet), and accessories (knit or crochet))

This is your entry tag. Make sure all information is clearly printed in ink and legible. All entries forms must be received by May 21st, 2018 and the finished piece must be received by June 20th, 2018. Any finished piece received after June 20th will be returned to the sender. No refunds will be made if your project is not completed, disqualified or does not reach Mary Maxim by the appropriate date. If selected you will be notified by phone by July 25th, and we will request a completed written pattern and yarn requirements (accurate yardage).  

Helpful tips!

Soiled entries are the single most heartbreaking reason items are disqualified from judging. To help avoid this, keep your work area clean and free from things that could stain your work like food or drinks. In between crafting, make sure to store your work so you can keep it clean such as in a clean sealed plastic bag or container. Make sure to secure your entry properly during shipping to avoid damage as we are not liable for any damage or loss occurring in transit. If selected, you must submit a typed pattern and detailed list of yardage, yarns, and all materials included in your design. That’s why it is so important when designing your entry to keep an accurate count of the materials you use. You may want to download our Crochet or Knitting Binder Organizers as it has a handy worksheet that helps you record your work. Make sure to record the yardage of the yarn used in your work and of each color.  In order to record accurate yardage calculate the amount of yarn in each skein you used on your project and record the totals by color.  Then measure and deduct any left-over yarn from your total yardage in each color.   Make sure to also record hook or needle size, and any other accessories that you use for instance: buttons, zippers, or clasps. It is best to keep notes on your work and write the pattern as you go. When sending your completed project ask your shipping company (UPS, USPS, FEDEX) for an acknowledgment of delivery. Doing so gives you the assurance that your project has reached us in time. If there is evidence of a shipping problem when your project is received, we will contact you.  

Click this link to go to the official contest page.

Good luck to everyone entering the 2018 Mary Maxim Knit or Crochet Contest.


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Happy Crafting!

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