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I have loved hearing from all of you and am so excited to share the next part of the Pearl River Shawl. If you haven't completed Week 1 of this month’s CAL make sure to check out the Spring Crochet Shawl post to get started. Be sure to tag us in your progress photos and make sure to follow me on Instagram.  

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Pearl River Spring Crochet Shawl​

Row 8: Ch 2, dc in first st, ch 1, sk 1 *dc, ch 1, sk 1* Repeat from * across, turn. (193)

Row 9: Ch 1, hdc in first st and in each ch-1 space across, turn. (193)

Row 10: Ch 2, in the first st, dc in the 3rd loop (*Grab the 3rd loop from the front. This will push the top of the stitch forward, creating the ridge inserting hook through the front) and in each st across, turn. (193)

Row 11: Repeat Row 8. (193)

Row 12: Ch 2, dc in first st and in each st across, turn. (193)

Row 13: Repeat Row 9. (193)

Row 14: Ch 1, camel stitch in first st and in each st across, turn. (193) *Make sure to grab your loop through the front.

Row 15: Ch 1, camel st in first st (grab your 3rd loop from the back) and in each st across, turn. (193)

Row 16: Repeat Row 8 (193) FO color A.

Row 17: Join color B, ch 2, dc in first st and in each st across, turn. (193) FO color B.

Row 18: Join color A, ch 2, dc in first st and in each st across, turn. (193) FO A.

Row 19: Join color B, ch 1, hdc in first st and in each st across, turn. (193)

Row 20: Repeat Row 14. (193)

Row 21: Repeat Row 8. (193)

Row 22: Repeat Row 9. (193) FO color B.

Row 23: Join A, ch 1, hdc in first st and in each st across, turn. (193) FO A.

Row 24: Repeat Row 17. (193)

Row 25: Repeat Row 8. (193)

Row 26: Ch 1, hdc in first st and in each st across. FO and weave in ends. (193)

With the remaining yarn, cut long strands of yarn (I used 4 color B strands and 2 color A strands for each tassel) and attach your tassels. You may choose to add as many or as few as you would like. I spaced mine evenly with 4 on each side. You did it, you’re finished!

April KAL

April's KAL is designed by the Crafty M.D. This talented bistitual crafter has a beautiful Spring Pillow ready for your needles in our next KAL. You'll want to keep this gorgeous pillow around all spring.  

Laeia the Crafty M.D. Is a long time maker and has been crocheting since middle school. She picked up knitting soon after and has a passion for wrapping people in the warmth of a handmade scarf or blanket. Fiber crafts has been a comforting and constant companion through medical training. I made it through medical school, got that MD behind my name, and am currently training in the wonderful field of radiology.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog.

The Crafty M.D.

There is nothing quite like April. It is a fun month where everybody ends their hibernation. We play fun pranks on each other on the first of the month and later in the month we focus on caring for the Earth which sustains us. No matter what you like to do in April, this month means that we are firmly in spring.

My favorite holiday in April though, is Easter. So, I immediately knew that I wanted to make something for that theme. And what is more characteristic of the holiday than easter eggs? Whether you hunt them or decorate them, they are a chance to have fun. I designed the Easter Comfort Cushion as a small pattern where you can have fun playing with color and textural elements.

For this KAL you'll need 2 balls of Mary Maxim Aran Chunky in Naturalor Tweed (I used Natural), and one ball of Mary Maxim Cloudspun, I chose the Purples color.

Make sure to add it to your cart this weekend and get your Size 13 (9 mm) needles ready for April 3rd! 

Stay Tuned!

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Happy Crafting!