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Roll About Chair

Roll About Chair

Product Review (submitted on May 16, 2012):

My knees ache if I stand in one place too long which makes preparing meals and cleanup afterwards a nightmare, unless I can sit and work at the same time, but most chairs are too short to work at counters, sinks, and stoves. Most chairs also are not well designed for leaning forward to access a work area. This chair is great for me at 5' 4" tall. At the shortest setting I can comfortably sit and work, stand up, or roll the chair between work area. I could sit, roll, and stand even if I were a couple of inches shorter. Can be raised a few inches for taller people. Easily holds my 244 lbs and rolls freely. Not trivial to put together alone, but it can be done by one person, and easy for two people to assemble together.