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Mary Maxim Aran Irish Twist Yarn

Mary Maxim Aran Irish Twist Yarn

Product Review (submitted on February 2, 2013):

I could almost say look at my review of MM Starlette and see ditto, but I'd like to add a thing or two for this particular yarn. It is a much fuller yarn than the last standard one I had used, even though both are rated worsted weight. It partly shows in the yardage per skein, although these are 4 oz instead of the 3.5 standard, but the yardage is less than the one I used before. So if you're working up a duplicate of another project, you might want to check the skein yardage of both yarns or risk running out of yarn using this one.
The benefit is a much fuller piece of work and at the selling price buying another skein or 2 is not generally a hardship. It is well worth it for the finished project.
I agree with Nancy that that flaws are few and far between. I used close to 45 skeins last year to make 2 queen-sized Aran afghans and I don't think I came across more than 1 or 2 in all those skeins. Any flaw is frustrating but some yarns I've bought from another company seem to have 2 or 3 in every skein, even of their own brand yarn.
The one complication I had was that the first batch of yarn I bought seemed to have more yarn per skein than the second and later batches I've bought. I put that down to differences in mills or start-up issues. So again for any large project I would buy extra - there's always another scarf to be made using anything left over. And no, I'm not a Mary Maxim employee - I just don't like running out of yarn of the dye lot needed.
In short this is another favorite and standard yarn for me.