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Preferred Crafters Club Membership

Preferred Crafters Club Membership

Product Review (submitted on September 15, 2012):

Worth the price if you are certain that you would have ordered the same amount without the club membership and you know that you will buy more than $150 worth in a year, and that you are getting as good a price with Mary Maxim as you would elsewhere, including shipping and tax. Very easy to use if you have an online account set up, because it applies the savings automatically and you don't have to remember to put in a special code. If you would be getting a better price on the same yarn elsewhere, which occasionally happens, or if you buy more because of the discount, the savings will be lower than it looks like they are, but if you buy a lot it can still be worth it. Used it a lot on the old website year before last. I didn't sign up this year yet, and haven't placed an order yet since mine expired. Still undecided, because I am not buying much yarn this year, knitting up what I bought last year. Know what you can afford and decide accordingly. Will sign up again at some point, but maybe not now.