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About Mary Maxim

Sharing the Labor of Love

We believe there is nothing better than the gift of creating something by hand. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment one feels from making something and sharing it with others is a rewarding experience. We are honored to be a part of helping people find this happiness for over 60 years. We are dedicated to helping people discover their inner creativity.

Our Yarn Fiber Roots

Since the 1930's when our founders, Willard and Olive McPhedrain sold their first spinning wheel and manufactured their fist yarn range, we have been passionate about bringing you exclusive yarns, needlework and kit designs. Our merchandising team travels the glove to find you the finest products at the best prices available. We are proud to offer over 45 Mary Maxim Exclusive yarns just for you.

 Yarn Family Values

Mary Maxim is a company deep in family history. We continue to be family owned and operated as the grandson of our founders', Rusty McPhedrain currently leads our organization. We are excited that the fourth generation has grown to become more influential members of the team, bringing new fresh ideas on the cutting edge of the maker culture. The McPhedrain family is proud of their history and each member grew up working in the business learning the tradition that makes Mary Maxim the go to destination for do it yourself yarn and crafts.